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Johnson Controls to debut production-ready micro hybrid system –

Johnson Controls on Wednesday will unveil a production-ready version of a two-battery micro hybrid system that it says can boost a car’s fuel economy by 15%.

The micro hybrid is designed to give carmakers an alternative that’s less expensive than full-scale hybrids or electric vehicles to boost gas mileage and comply with global warming regulations in place around the world.

The Glendale firm unveiled a prototype version of the technology in January, and is now preparing to ship the first generation of the battery to automakers for testing in December.

The batteries are being unveiled at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany.

The micro battery system will use a 12-volt lead-acid starter battery and a 48-volt lithium ion battery, with the latter designed to capture energy quickly from braking, and support energy-intensive features such as air conditioning and active chassis technologies, the company said. In addition to starting the car, the 12-volt battery will be tapped to run interior and exterior lights as well as radios and DVD players.

The lithium-ion cells and the prototype batteries will be made at the company’s advanced battery factory in Holland, Mich.



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