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Japanese firm registers first electric tricycle in LTO


BEET Philippine Inc., a Japanese electric vehicle startup company, has successfully registered its electric tricycle with the Land Transportation Office (LTO), offering road-worthy electric tricycles powered by lithium battery and AC motor that could be driven almost anywhere in the country.

The LTO-registered BEET e-trike has five main components, such as the lithium ion battery, AC motor, inverter, vehicle control unit (VCU), and battery management system (BMS), which keep the e-trike stable through various road and weather conditions.

“These components will be provided by the leading companies from Japan with great considerations for safety. The latest technology allows lithium ion batteries to run stable under high temperature and humidity climates, while the BMS has safety functions to control irregular battery conditions. Air-cooled AC motors, which are more powerful, allow drivers to drive up a steep incline easily,” explains Tokushi Nakashima, President and CEO of BEET Philippine Inc.

He adds, “The inverter controls the motor resulting in an increased efficient power conversion.

The VCU with its fail-safe function manages and controls the whole vehicle and makes regenerative braking possible. Various problems related to batteries, motor controllers, or the motor can be solved using BEET’s advanced technology.”

Nakashima has 15 years of electric vehicle development experience in Japan, and established BEET Philippine Inc. last March 2013 to popularize the use of commercial electric vehicles in the Philippines.

BEET is the first Japanese company in the Philippines to register an electric tricycle.


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