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IIT, Argonne get $3.4M grant to improve electric-car battery

Researchers at the Illinois Institute of Technology and Argonne National Laboratory announced Tuesday they have won a $3.4 million federal grant to develop technology that could let electric cars run five times longer on a single charge.

The technology aims to make all-electric cars a more viable choice by allowing them to travel 500 to 1,000 miles on a single electric charge, rather than today’s 40 to 100 miles. And motorists would be able to “fill up” quickly, much like they do at a gas station — with a rechargeable liquid that runs the vehicle battery, said lead researcher Carlo Segre, a physics professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology for the past 30 years.
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The grant from the U.S. Department of Energy will let the researchers build a prototype of a modified “flow” battery that runs on liquid nanoelectrofuel electrodes, rather than the solid electrodes that a typical solid state battery runs on, Segre said Tuesday.


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