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Huffington Post Lists Its “Top 7 Electric Cars of 2013″

Okay…We Agree With This ChoiceModel S
…and the list is mostly a hot mess.

Here’s the title of the Huff Post article: “The Top 7 Electric Cars of 2013.”

And here’s the introductary paragraph:

Prius V is Definitely Not an “Electric Car”
“As gas prices creep up, more people are turning to hybrid and electric cars to reduce their fuel costs. Still, the number of electric cars sold is only a tiny percentage of the overall number of vehicles moving off car lots annually. Recent price wars have helped drive interest and purchases. If you’re ready to put a little more money up front for long-term savings in the years ahead, check out this list of the best electric and hybrid cars to buy this year.”

Audi A3 e-tron Not Available in 2013
Now it’s time for that list:

Tesla Model S
2013 Toyota Prius V
2014 Ford Fusion Energi
2013 Nissan Leaf
2013 Honda Fit
2013 Mitsubishi MiEV
2014 Audi A3 E-Tron


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