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Here Are The Six Bills California Gov. Jerry Brown Just Signed To Promote Electric Vehicle Use In The State Leading The Nation In Promoting Green Cars And Trucks

A woman holds a charger to a Toyota plug-in Prius car at the sixth annual Alternative Transportation Expo and Conference (AltCar) in Santa Monica, California September 29, 2011. California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law six bills to promote the use of plug-ins in his state, whcih is leading the nation in trying to reduce America’s massive amount of carbon emissions. Reuters
Electric vehicle devotees gathered at nearly 100 events across the U.S. this past weekend as part of National Plug-In Day, sponsored by the Sierra Club and other EV advocates, but in California the event took on a policy air as Gov . Jerry Brown signed into law six bills aimed at promoting clean vehicle use.

California has become the nation’s leader in green machines – there are more electric vehicles per capital there than anywhere else in the country. California has made it a priority to get 1.5 million electric cars on its roads by 2025.

“Today, we reaffirm our commitment in California to an electric vehicle future,” the governor said at a signing ceremony in Sacramento on Saturday.

Here are the six bills:


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Assembly Bill 8 provides $2 billion in funding for green initiatives, including a cash-for-clunkers style program that makes it easier for owners of used cars to take advantage of California’s Enhanced Fleet Modernization Program and funding to build 100 hydrogen fuelling stations for fuel-cell vehicles.

Senate Bill 359 – Funds programs to encourage the purchase of clean vehicles, including hybrid and zero-emission trucks and buses.



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