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Going Green with the BMW i3 Electric Car in Britain

Is sustainable travel really possible? If you’re a frequent traveler, chances are you’re also a chronic polluter. Vehicle emissions are one of the biggest sources of air pollution, and the bad news is- it’s getting worse. Studies have shown that outdoor air pollution kills more people than AIDS and malaria combined. Those who live in areas where there is a high percentage of pollutants in the air also increases their risk for respiratory diseases.

So how can you keep your vehicle emissions down to a minimum without sacrificing your passion for the most comfortable way to get around?

Answer: Go green. Go sustainable. Make every road trip special and invest in a high quality electric car. Unlike traditional cars, electric cars need no gas to run, and have practically zero emissions. Pundits are predicting that these electric charging cars will be the vehicles of the future.

Gearing Up for the BMW i3 Electric Car

The BMW i3, which is the first model in BMW’s Project i program, is shaping up to be a prominent player in the electric car market. The i3 was first presented to the public as a concept car in 2011; it went into the pre-production stage in 2012 and is now scheduled for mass production in November 2013


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