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GM expands Warren battery lab to better test ELR, next-gen Volt packs

General Motors is proud of its battery lab in Warren, MI, where a lot of work was done to bring the lithium-ion Chevy Voltpack to life. The crazy (and crazy expensive) Voltec development rush from years past may be over, but the lab is still cranking out technology for GM’s electrified vehicle programs. In fact, GM announced today a massive expansion as it gets ready for the Cadillac ELR, the next-gen Volt and other, unnamed vehicles (something along the lines of the cancelled Voltec CUV, perhaps?). As a strong supporter of that particular field (she introduced the Battery Innovation Act, for example), Senator Debbie Stabenow was on hand this morning in Detroit and said “Michigan is setting the pace” when it comes to advanced batteries.

By the numbers, the lab has grown from 50,000 square feet to 85,000. The extra space means there is now room for 112 pack-level test channels (up from 64) and the number of cell-level test channels has increased from 96 to 120. It also means that the Global Battery Systems Laboratory, its official name, remains “the largest battery lab in North America owned and operated by a major auto manufacturer.”


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