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FW: Portland State’s first formula electric race car

I thought I should pass this along.


From: Quinn Sullivan [mailto:qsullivan11@…]
Sent: Sunday, September 22, 2013 10:30 AM
To: eaa@…
Subject: Portland State’s first formula electric race car

Hello to the Mid America Electric Auto Association,

My name is Quinn, an electrical engineering student and member of the Portland State Viking Motorsports race car team here in Portland, OR. I’m reaching out to like-minded EV enthusiasts to let you know we are building Portland State’s first formula SAE electric race car and hoping you could pass this along.

We have a crowdfunding page and electric racing video: Microryza: PSU formula electric. If anyone is able to help out with a donation that would be fantastic.

The goal is to create a fully electric race car that is competitive with combustion race cars, and eventually use 100% renewable energy for propulsion. We already have a motor, controller, some batteries, and more, but still require significant resources to complete the project. Hopefully, this will inspire a new generation of racing at Portland State, and students enthusiastic about electric vehicles. This is an ambitious goal, but we have a talented team with a diverse skill set with experience building electric vehicles and gas race cars.

Thank you for your time.

Quinn Sullivan

Formula Electric Manager

PSU Viking Motorsports
Source MAEAA


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