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Four Seasons Maui Offers Tesla Model S As Shuttle For Guests

It is not often that sustainability and ostentatiousness ride together, but when they do, sparks can fly. TheFour Seasons Maui has mastered the combination by offering the all-electric Tesla Model S as a shuttle option for guests.

Four Seasons guests can order the Tesla sedan, Motor Trend’s 2013 Car of the Year, to pick them up from the airport or shuttle them around Maui. The Model S 85 (meaning it has an 85kWh battery), can go about 265 miles on one charge, making it a perfect vehicle for an island that is only 48 miles long and 26 miles wide.

The Model S 85, which starts at $73,570, is available for a one-way ride to the airport for $253, or as a limousine for $145/hour with a two-hour minimum.

But who can put a price on a zero emissions vacation? Four Seasons Maui Marketing Director Mark Simon paints a beautiful picture of the green luxury traveler’s dream vacation: “From the moment guests step off the plane, they can begin embracing Maui’s lush tropical setting—bedecked with dazzling flowers and fauna—without leaving a carbon footprint.”



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