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Ford and GM Plug-in Hybrids Are Both Gas-Free About 60 Percent of Driving

You get about the same percentage of pure electric miles from a series plug-in hybrid, like a Volt, as you do from a series-parallel plug-in hybrid, like the Ford Fusion Hybrid. That’s according to data from Ford and General Motors. Which technology you prefer may come down to the length of your commute and the size of your pocketbook.

Ford offers two plug-in electric models, the Fusion Energi sedan and the C-Max Energi small but tall wagon-like car. The automaker said that nearly 60 percent of trips in its Energi models are gas-free, based on aggregate data from its MyFord mobile application. The Energi models advertise an average of 21 miles of pure-electric range.

The number of pure electric miles is increasing as drivers own their plug-ins longer and learn how to drive for efficiency, said Ford. Early in the year, only 41 percent of miles were electric. By the middle of July, that had risen to nearly 60 percent. Ford credits the dashboard information offered by its MyFord system, such as driving efficiency and state of charge, for the improvement in all-electric miles driven over time.

Currently, about 60 percent of the Energi models on the road are C-Max and about 25 percent are Fusions. That fluctuates as more units are sold, but the C-Max has been on the market longer so “we see a larger usage rate with that vehicle,” said a Ford spokesperson.


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