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Examining Tesla’s Competition, Part 1: Model S Competitors

A common argument among Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA ) bears is that while the Tesla Model S is a great car now, a wave of electric vehicles is on its way from the major automakers. At that point, the large-scale competitors would outproduce, outprice, and outperform Tesla, taking away the automaker’s mass-market potential and containing it to a niche position.

In considering whether this is a valid point, we need to examine it from the perspective of how competition would affect each of Tesla’s current and future models. In the first part of this series, let’s look at how well the major automakers are positioning themselves to compete with the Model S.

Top-notch performance
The results are in, and Tesla has nailed its goals with the Model S, collecting MotorTrend’s “Car of the Year” award, a 99/100 Consumer Reports rating, and some of the best crash test results in automotive history. Combining these accolades with the benefits of an EV, both in performance and efficiency, has helped Tesla to receive a constant stream of Model S orders. But are other automakers trying to swipe Tesla’s top spot? It looks as if it’s time to size up the competition.


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