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Ev popular in baton rouge

Electric cars are all the rage, but what would it be like to own one in Baton Rouge? Harold Goertz, operations manager for Nissan, is taking little detour from his normal day to day routine to show off Nissan’s newest toy. The Leaf’s got all sorts of gadgets, but it’s what the car doesn’t have that makes it so smooth. “There’s absolutely no gasoline in the vehicle, no tailpipe, completely clean,” said Goertz. The car carries its power in the floorboards. And gets its juice from a charging station that looks similar to a gas pump. “It looks like a fuel gauge, but it has a plug coming out of the pump because that’s what our charging is,” he added. Goertz says a full charge usually translates into on average, a 113-mile road trip, which could present a challenge on long road trips but makes a perfect fit for city commuters. The navigation system also gives you a range and shows you the location of the nearest charging station.

Goertz says at a high-powered station, the car gets a complete charge in less than four hours. Just enough time for its driver to go to class or stock up on groceries.


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