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Electric vehicle sales showing more pickup

Gov. Jerry Brown said he would extend rebates for purchases of heavy-duty EVs. Photo: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

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They may not be “changing the very nature of how we live together” just yet, as Gov. Jerry Brown would have it, but electric vehicles are inching into the mainstream.

More than 131,000 have been sold nationwide since 2011, according to the Electric Drive Transportation Association, almost half of them in 2013 alone. California accounts for one-third of total sales. The numbers are increasing monthly.

That’s one reason why more than 50 corporate executives showed up alongside Brown at an EV show at the Exploratorium this week. Many were from outside the auto industry, including Coca-Cola, Bank of America and AT&T.

And they didn’t come empty-handed. Walgreens said it’s installing 13 more charging stations in California, adding to the 89 at Walgreens stores here. Coca-Cola is deploying EV refrigerated delivery trucks for its Odwalla juice brand. BofA is giving $3,000 to employees toward the purchase of a plug-in vehicle. AT&T pledged to replace 10 percent of its fleet of passenger vehicles with plug-ins. Intuit and Google announced major expansions of their networks of charging stations.


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