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Electric vehicle ownership on the rise thanks to unique subsidy program, energy savings

Daniel Phan had the world on a string.

He drove a Mercedes Benz to his job at Fannie Mae, where he churned out housing loans until the bubble burst.

Now, he sits behind a desk for a Los Angeles city and county joint agency finding housing for the homeless, the very people the housing boon left on the curb.

“I was on the profit-making side of housing and urban development with Fannie Mae,” Phan, 50, explained. “Now I am doing the opposite. That is the beauty of this country.”

The transformation didn’t stop there. He garaged his gasoline-thirsty Benz and leased a 2013 Nissan Leaf, a battery-powered electric car that he charges at one of 64 new solar charge ports at the Metrolink train station in Industry. With his car charging, he rides the clean-diesel train to his office; when the train glides into the station around 6:07  p.m., he walks to his reserved parking spot, unhooks the charger and drives to his home in Walnut on battery power.

The entire commute is nearly pollution free.


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