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Electric to the Rescue

Looking for an eco-friendly, reasonably priced new ride for 2014? Get into an EV.
September 19, 2013

Spurred by escalating government demands, high fuel prices and greenhouse gas emissions standards, automakers are rolling out a whole new crop of electric vehicles that are affordable to buy or lease and cheap to run.

Among the EVs are the $27,000 Smart Fortwo ED, the $27,000 Chevy Spark EV, the $29,000 Nissan Leaf, the $32,000 Fiat 500e, the $35,000 Ford Focus Electric and the lease-only Honda Fit EV.

Toss in more expensive options such as the $50,000 Toyota Rav4EV and $68,000 Tesla Model S, and Californians now have quite the selection when it comes to going all-electric.

“A growing electric charging infrastructure, consumer incentives like single-occupancy
carpool lane access and a temperate climate make Southern California the ideal place to own and drive an electric vehicle,” said Robert Langford, manager of plug-in electric vehicle sales and marketing at American Honda Motor Co.



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