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Electric car project explores second life for batteries |

A new project will explore the possibility of using old electric car batteries for energy storage in both domestic and workplace settings.
Commissioned by Gateshead College’s low carbon subsidiary, Zero Carbon Futures, the new 2nd life for EV batteries project will explore using old batteries-which lack sufficient driving range for use in electric cars- as energy storage to provide emergency power to buildings, feed energy back to the grid or even recharge electric cars that are still on the road.
According to Zero Carbon Futures, electric car batteries are expected to have lost some of their charging capacity after eight to ten years of use, but will still retain around 80 per cent of their capacity; meaning that they still have plenty of useable life left in them.
By decommissioning them for other uses such as static energy storage, electric car batteries can have a useful second life, in particular, could prove useful in storing energy from intermittent, small scale renewable sources such as domestic wind and solar applications.
Lead by SR Technology Innovations, in collaboration with sustainable project management firm, tadea, the project hopes to prove that electric car batteries can have a life around three times longer than its first in-car application. In time, by securing a second life for electric car batteries, it could help reduce the cost of buying an electric car in the first place.
A demonstrator will be used at North East’s Future Technology Centre to prove the application. It will store power from photovoltaic (PV) panels and can be used to power domestic appliances or electric cars. It can also store power from the grid and feed it back in.


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