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E-cars show their stuff at Slemon Park

SUMMERSIDE – They were travelling in excess of 165 kilometres per hour but hardly making a sound.

© Mike Carson/Journal Pioneer

Harry Smith from P.E.I. sets out in a quarter-mile time trial driving an electric car. Smith covered the distance in just over 12 seconds, reaching a top speed of 197 kilometres per hour.

Several electric cars were on hand at Slemon Park on Saturday to take part in demonstration of the abilities of the new vehicles.

The cars were part of a group that travelled across the country to show how efficient and reliable electric vehicles are.

Kent Rathwell and his company, Sun Country Highway, completed the longest system of high-performance electric vehicle charging stations in the world. He then organized and completed a cross-country journey for electric vehicles, which ended in Summerside.

On Saturday, several of the cars and their drivers were at Slemon Park.

“It’s been an absolute rush today,” Rathwell said. “Yesterday, all of the vehicles did get to the Island. It was substantially relieving, knowing that they did get here. The only issue we really had was we had three blown tires en route amongst all of the vehicles, so, that’s pretty good.”


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