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E-cars eye cross-Canada, gas-free trek – Winnipeg Free Press

Can you imagine a day where gas pumps are obsolete as typewriters and VCRs are today?
Kent Rathwell can.

A typical e-car charging station.

A typical e-car charging station.
The president of Sun Country Highway is helping pave the way for electronic vehicles to enter the mainstream. The Saskatoon-based company has installed charging stations along a 16,000-kilometre corridor from coast to coast, making the Trans-Canada the world’s longest green highway.
“I do believe the future is in green transportation,” he said. “I think other technologies will be coming along, too.”
Electronic vehicles have only been in Canada since the beginning of 2012 and already there are 4,000 on the roads. Like any new technology, it’s expensive to start with, but the prices are coming down. You can buy an e-car for less than $30,000 and in provinces such as B.C. and Quebec, you can get rebates of up to $8,500. Such an incentive is not available in Manitoba.


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