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Design News – Blog – Slideshow: Designing Liquid-Based Batteries for EVs & Renewables

Scientists are working on a number of ways to improve battery design, in particular for electric vehicles (EVs) and for large-scale storage of renewable energy sources.

One of the latest projects is the design of a water-based flow battery by researchers at GE Global Research and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory that could provide enough range for an EV car to drive between New York City and Washington on a single charge — an unprecedented distance, according to researchers.

Click on the photo below to check out a slideshow of some battery designs that could end up in an EV or as part of the electricity grid in the not-too-distant future.

MIT graduate researchers Robert Mitchell and Betar Gallant connect a lithium-air battery used to prepare the samples for characterization by transmission electron microscope (TEM) imaging. Researchers at MIT and Sandia National Labs collaborated to observe what could be limiting the potential of lithium-air batteries in order to pave the way for their suitability for electric vehicles of the future. Scientists have used TEM imaging to observe the reaction they believe is at the heart of improving lithium-air batteries — a reaction called oxygen evolution that happens as the batteries change. By using this TEM technique, researchers say they can find a way to make lithium-air batteries more effective by seeing what has been limiting their potential.



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