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Could Infiniti Emerg-E Become Automaker’s New Flagship Vehicle?

According to Autocar, Infiniti’s goal is to grab 10% of the global luxury market by 2020.


To achieve this, Infiniti will need a flagship vehicle that’s not an SUV. The gas-chugging QX 80 SUV is widely considered to be the automaker’s flagship today.

In the future though, Infiniti’s flagship will be something entirely different.

Infiniti president, Johan de Nysschen, told Autocar this at the Frankfurt Motor Show:
Infiniti EMERG-E Concept At The GoodWood Festival Of Speed In 2012

Infiniti Emerg-E Concept At The Goodwood Festival Of Speed In 2012

“I’ll leave you to decide whether our new flagship is a saloon, coupe or supercar, but it will be a car. We won’t have an SUV like it is now.”

Autocar speculates that Infiniti’s flagship will be a hybrid supercar, either front or mid-engined, along the lines of the Emerg-E.


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