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Clearance Sale Offers Discontinued Coda Electric Car At Discount – EVWORLD.COM

Former Coda dealer offering 100 gliders and 50 finished vehicles, along with parts at ‘substantial discount’ out of warehouse in Hayward, California.
Proving once again that final acts in the EV world are rarely 100-percent, you know, final, check out this bit of surprising news: The Coda Sedan is back. Sort of.

The original Coda Automotive company, after declaring bankruptcy, shifted to become a grid energy provider. An announcement on the new Coda Cars website says that two organizations, Club Auto Sales and Ready Remarketing, have bought the leftover stock of Sedan EVs from Coda and will now “offer them for sale at a substantial discount.” How much? We put that question to Rick Curtis, a former Coda dealer and the man behind Ready Remarketing. “I can’t disclose the price on the full vehicles because we don’t want to upset the market for the current owners,” Curtis told AutoblogGreen, but he did say, just like the website, that the leftover EVs are available at a “substantial discount.”



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