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Chevy Explains ‘EV Etiquette’ for Volt and Spark

GM has published an etiquette guide for electric car owners, culled from Chevy Volt and Spark EV owner feedback, as well as in-house experts at GM. Unlike old-school driving manners, many of the new suggestions pertain to charging station right-of-way. GM’s booklet advises EV owners:

Know your local parking rules (at charging stations)

Be loud: Let others know you are coming by using artificial warning sounds.

Recharge daily.

Extend your range by using public charging stations when possible.

If you drive slightly below the speed limit, stay out of the fast lane.

EV Etiquette: Video

The short clip above features a hilarious look at EV etiquette. Warning: The narrator really hams it up and pours on the humor, but he makes several very serious points about electric driving etiquette. A few of the topics covered are:

What to do when a hybrid and an EV pull up to a charging station at the same time.

How to make sure people won’t trip over the charging cable in a public place.

Should you offer to pay a friend for the cost of electricity if you charge your car at his/her home?

Should you leave a note on your window telling other drivers whether it is OK to unplug your car when the battery is full?



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