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Can you guess how Canadians bought plug-in cars last month? – The Globe and Mail

Sales of the Nissan Leaf plug-in car soared 180 per cent in August. On the year, sales of the Leaf have nearly doubled.

Over at General Motors Canada, the Volt plug-in also had a relatively great month. Alas, the Toyota Prius plug-in did not fare quite as well, with a sales number so low I am sad even to mention it. But I will. Be patient.

And Ford? Ford has made the biggest commitment to electrification of any major car maker, if your measure is the number of plug-in models for sale. Ford has three plug-in models in its lineup – the Fusion Energi, C-Max wagon and Focus EV. Together, these three tallied up August sales of 63 and year-to-date Ford has moved 231 plug-ins. For the record, the purest plug-in of the three, the Focus EV was the least popular in August; just seven were sold. What does that say about pure battery cars?



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