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BR store offers free charge for customers with electric vehicles

Food store creates buzz by installing charging stations for electric cars


September 06, 2013

The first public electric vehicle charging station at a Baton Rouge retail store will allow customers to charge their cars for free at the Whole Foods Market on Corporate Boulevard.

“It will be a vital part of attaining and maintaining EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) air quality standards,” Jamie Setze, executive director of the Capital Region Planning Commission, said during a press conference Friday.

Mayor-President Kip Holden, a former asthmatic and the father of a child who has asthma, said air pollution has a direct impact on people’s lives. He said the Baton Rouge area has struggled for years to meet federal ozone pollution standards, and although things have improved, reducing vehicle pollution will help the area meet more restrictive standards.

Ozone pollution isn’t released into the air. Instead, it created when industrial, vehicle exhaust and other pollution mixes in the air during hot and sunny days. When there is little wind to dissipate the pollution, it can accumulate in an area and cause problems for people, especially those already struggling with asthma or other breathing problems.


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