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BMW i3 Electric Car Production Now Underway – Automotive Discovery – Auto Industry News and Rumors – Car News and Rumors

BMW is stating it’s the beginning of a new era as production gets underway for the brand new BMW i3 Electric luxury car at the BMW Leipzig plant. Not only is this vehicle set to give electric cars such as the Tesla models a run for their money, but the i3 is the first vehicle to use carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) in automotive volume production. The entire body of the BMW i3 will be made out of this lightweight and durable material in order to allow the additional weight of the batteries to be cancelled out. It also helps BMW remain economically viable in the electric car industry.

BMW production chief Krüger, comments: “Today represents a milestone in our company’s development. We are making history with the BMW i3. Not only is our first electric car about to hit the road, we are also completely redefining sustainability with regard to personal mobility thanks to groundbreaking technologies and processes We require 50% less energy and 70% less water, and source the electric energy for production of the BMW i models CO2-free from the wind turbines at the plant. This huge reduction in energy and water consumption can be attributed primarily to the elimination of the traditional painting process for steel and aluminum bodies.

Stanislaw Tillich, head of the federal state where the BMW is being built added, “I’m proud that, in BMW, we have such an innovative carmaker here in Saxony and that BMW is building the i3 at its plant here in Leipzig. This proves that Saxony is an attractive location in terms of its research and educational institutions, its infrastructure and, most importantly, its highly qualified and motivated people.”



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