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Beijing Symposium Shares International Experience in Urban Transport Development

Growing at a rate of 240,000 new vehicles per year, Beijing’s transport development faces various challenges.
An international symposium was held to shed light on urban transport policy formulation and development for Beijing and other cities.
Practitioners and policy makers from major global cities shared their experience with Beijing in how to build a more sustainable urban transport system.


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Should Chinese cities put more efforts to promote biking, the once-dominant mode of transportation that has begun to slip away? The promotion of bike use and public transportation, along with GPS-based electronic road pricing and “urban rail + property” development model, are among the many innovative approaches recommended by international experts at a symposium on urban transport development held in Beijing last week.

The symposium brought together policy makers and practitioners from global cities to share experience with Beijing in dealing with the most pressing issues of its urban transport development, including congestion and air pollution.

The World Bank and Beijing Transportation Research Center (BTRC) co-hosted the symposium, attended by experts from China and abroad, leaders and technical staff from Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport and its research arm, BTRC. Topics of discussion include strategic choices for transport development, transit-oriented development, parking planning and management, urban logistics, motorization and congestion reduction.


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