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Autonomous Driving Tech To Be In Nissan Leaf For Safety Purposes | CleanTechnica

The new Nissan Leaf is set to have some innovative safety technologies, including laser scanners and cameras that monitor the area around the vehicle, a full 360 degrees, and keep an eye out for things like other vehicles, road signs, and hyperactive EV enthusiasts (okay, maybe not that last one). The creative name for this technology package is: Around View Monitor. (I know, the hottest name ever, right?)

Of course, what use is such technology if it doesn’t do something with the information it receives? The other part of the equation are technologies that react to said risks.

“According to Nissan, the pairing of these technologies enables the car to handle complex real-world road situations such as sensing when a lane is closed on the highway due to road work, turning to avoid oncoming traffic and detecting a parked car on the side of the road, and then helping the car to steer around the obstacle safely,” fender bender writes.



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