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An Electric Car Charging Station Is Coming Your Way

[UPDATE Aug. 30] Tesla Motors spokesman Alexis Georgeson told International Business Times the following by email about Tesla’s compatibility with the fast-charge standard that is preferred by Japanese automakers: “We don’t currently making CHAdeMo adaptors for Model S. However, we plan on offering these in the future in markets where there is demand.” Tesla offers compatibility for fast-charger networks preferred by U.S. and European automakers. Currently the Model S sedan cannot be charged at CHAdeMO chargers, but the company has an adapter for CCS compatibility.

Original story begins here:

To give an idea of just how fast the infrastructure for plug-in vehicles is expanding, in 2012 the U.S. had only 12 rapid-charging stations fitted to top off plug-ins like the Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf; last year that number grew to 154, not counting Tesla Motors’ fast-growing proprietary supercharger network.

The verdict is still out on whether the world is ready to adopt all-electric vehicles, but with automakers rolling out new plug-in hybrids and 100 percent EV city cars, the quick-charge infrastructure needs are apparent.
Fast-charging is vital to wider adoption of plug-in and all-electric vehicles because with the current technology, charging time is knocked down from at least four hours to about 20 minutes. A partial fast-charge wouldn’t take much longer than refueling a combustion engine. Reducing charge time, increasing range-per-charge and building more charging stations are the major prerequisites for wider EV adoption.


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