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Free solar install for low income

RICHMOND — A big smile spread across Raul Valencia’s face as he watched volunteer workers prepare to install solar panels on his house. The Valencias were one of eight families in Richmond’s Iron Triangle neighborhood to receive a free rooftop solar installation Saturday as part of the eighth annual Bay Area Solarthon.

“It’s going to make me save a lot of money, so I can start saving for my kids,” said Valencia, who has three children.

His oldest just started high school. He said that if the materials and labor had not been donated, he wouldn’t have been able to afford it.

“And also, to help out the planet,” he said.

When work is completed, each family’s electric bill is expected to drop 75 percent. In sum, the eight families should save $148,000 in the 30-year lifetime of the systems, according to installers.

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