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Amsterdam E-Challenge, National Plug-in Day and Coast to Coast E-Mobility make live connection on September 28, 2013

On Saturday September 28, 2013 Amsterdam E-Challenge ( and National Plug-in Day events in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley ( will have live connection, supported by the Coast to Coast E-Mobility program.

During the live connection a symbolic “hand-over” will be made by speakers from government, industry and academia in The Netherlands and West Coast of the US. This unique event symbolises the international drive towards more sustainable transportation and further introduction of electic mobility. Amsterdam E-Challenge, National Plug-in Day and Coast to Coast E-Mobility look forward expanding this event into an “International Plug-in Day 2014” inviting additional partners to join.

About the Amsterdam E-Chanllange

The Amsterdam E-Challenge is a unique event in The Netherlands in which over 150 socially responsible CEOs, politicians and journalists will participate in over 100 electric vehicles driving a fun rally across Amsterdam City Center, during the 3rd edition of the Amsterdam E-Challenge, previously known as the PP Electric Rally. The objective of the event is to acquaint senior executives, politicians and society with driving electric and inspire them for sustainable mobility.

The Challenge will be even more sustainable due to the innovations our digital era has to offer. A first novelty will be the use of a digital roadmap on a tablet using traditional methods of rally navigation. The second and even more exciting novelty will be that participants will be challenged by activating tasks and questions on their smartphone at specific gps-registered waypoints.
About National Plug-In Day

Tens of thousands of people in some 95 U.S. cities will rally to raise awareness of plug-in vehicles for the third annual National Plug In Day, with Mexico and Amsterdam taking part for the first time. The goal of events from West Palm Beach to Seattle to Reno will be to give consumer information and test-drives to more EV newcomers than ever. These gasoline-car drivers will be able to experience the quiet, clean thrill of plug-in vehicles first-hand while learning about their cost-savings, national security and clean-air benefits.


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