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America Loves Electric Vehicles – Passes 10,000 Sold For First Time In August

Early in August when General Motors decided that now was the time to drop the price on the best selling car in the electric segment – the Chevrolet Volt – by $5,000 (to $34,995), we knew it was going to be a strong month for the car. And by month’s end, GM’s North American President Mark Reuss let the cat out of the bag to the LA Times:

“Well, we are having a great month. We will do about 3,300 Volt sales this month”

New Pricing On The Volt Meant A New All-Time Record For EV Sales

New Pricing On The Volt Meant A New All-Time Record For EV Sales

Then as Nissan said they were seeing LEAF sales ramp up in several markets across the country and they also expected an all-time high for August, we figured a monthly record for plug-in sales in America would be set.

However, what no one saw coming was Toyota doubling their best result of the year on the Prius plug-in, and having 7 out of the 14 major models available to the US consumer hit yearly highs in total.


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