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ALG Reduces Plug-In Vehicle Residual Values; Nissan LEAF Hit With $2,500 Reduction

Residual values play a key role in determining lease rates and become somewhat relevant when vehicles hit the used lots.
Volt Gets Residual Reduction Too

Volt Gets Residual Reduction Too

With that in mind, we’re somewhat displeased to say that ALG, a world leader in predicting automotive residual values, has cut residual values for most plug-in vehicles.

ALG cites high incentives and price cuts for the reduction in residual values, which hit the Nissan LEAF especially hard. ALG says the recent reduction in residuals led to a $2,500 price cut on a three-year-old LEAF. But then again, that was bound to happen as the entry level LEAF is now $6,400 cheaper than it was last yet.


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