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ABB’s Terra 53 fast charging station ready for Europe-wide deployment

?The ABB Terra 53 fast charging station supports three of the four electric car fast charging standards, making it capable of bringing harmony to a fractured market for fast charging.

In today’s electric vehicle market, several European countries are setting up nation-wide electric vehicle charging networks. The infrastructure choices are made more complicated because the electric car makers haven’t made fast charging systems that are compatible across vendors. Enter electrical systems giant ABB and the Terra 53 multi-protocol charging station, that just received the CE certification that will allow ABB to begin selling equipment at the scale necessary for large-scale charging networks covering whole countries.

On Tuesday, ABB announced they’d achieved CE certification for the 50 kilowatt Terra 53 Combo Charging System compatible fast charging station. This certification is required to sell units in Europe.

ABB’s charging stations are being deployed in national-scale charging networks in at least Estonia, Denmark, Northern Ireland, and The Netherlands. “To support the rollout of nationwide charging networks in Estonia, Denmark, Northern Ireland, The Netherlands and more to come, we’ve been relentlessly focused on adhering to industry-leading public standards of connectivity, quality and reliability. CE certification by an independent certification body is a clear recognition of our commitment to these principles and demonstrates the robustness and high level of safety of our new and already installed public and private charging stations” said Hans Streng, Senior Vice President and General Manager of ABB’s EV Charging Infrastructure Product Group.


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