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A $9,999 Electric Vehicle to Upset the Automobile Market, Says Shai Agassi

Electric vehicles are not like conventional or even hybrid electric vehicles, and hard lessons have been learned by startup and established automakers alike. Don’t forget the lessons that drivers need to learn, as well!

Shai Agassi, founder of now-bankrupt electric vehicle startup Better Place, still thinks the best way to produce a market-upsetting electric vehicle is to separate the cost of the vehicle and the battery. Conventional vehicles are priced the same way. Ask people for one thing that makes electric vehicles difficult to adopt, and cost is certain to be high on the list, due, in large part, to the expensive battery pack. The problem, Agassi asserts, is that the cost of the fuel, or the battery, in the case of an electric vehicle, shouldn’t be part of the cost of the vehicle, just as it isn’t part of the cost of buying a conventional vehicle.


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