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5 Reasons Why Solar Energy Projects are a Safe Investment

Nothing is certain but death and taxes. But most of us are confident that the sun will keep shining. In light of that (pun intended!), we thought we’d take a look at some of the reasons solar projects are relatively safe investments — whether you’re looking to put solar on your home or invest in a solar project elsewhere.
1. The sun will keep shining

Let’s face it: if the sun stops shining, we’ll have bigger problems than the safety of our investments. But all signs point to the sun shining for another 5 billion years. Most of us expect to recoup our investment before then.

And not only will the sun keep shining: It currently shines enough rays on the United States every day to more than power us for 10 years. If countries like Germany can make great use of this resource, imagine what we can do in the United States, where we have a lot more sun. The sky’s the limit!
2. Solar is a proven and reliable technology

Solar panels have been around for a long time now and have proven their reliability. So when you put your money in solar, you’re not investing in the latest shiny object.

Some solar systems installed in the 1970s have lasted far beyond their warranties and are still producing. And while it’s not a new technology, improvements in recent years have made new systems even more reliable.

Solar is a relatively simple technology, with few moving parts. Solar panels are durable and require little maintenance. They’re easy to install. This all adds up to a low risk when it comes to solar technology.
3. Solar comes with standards and protections

In case you’re still worried about your solar system or your investment in a solar project, manufacturers typically offer 25-year warranties for the equipment, minimum production guarantees, and insurance to protect against events like fires or hurricanes.

As more people look to solar as an investment opportunity, more safeguards are being put in place. In a prominent example of this, a number of leading businesses and research groups like DuPont, Standard and Poors, and the Rocky Mountain Institute recently founded the industry consortium truSolar. Their goal is to standardize the risk evaluation process for solar projects.


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