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45 BYD e6 EVs make up South America’s largest all-electric taxi service

BYD can now lay claim to producing South America’s largest all-electric taxi fleet. The China-based automaker said 45 BYD e6 EVs have been put into taxi service in Bogota, Colombia. The crossover EVs are part of a pilot project geared to boost green-car adoption in Colombia and are said to have a single-charge range of about 180 miles (though real-world range may vary, as we all know).

BYD first announced the Bogota agreement last December, but the company’s first electric-taxi efforts date back to 2010, when the automaker deployed 40 e6 EVs for the taxi fleet in BYD’s hometown of Shenzhen, China. Last October, BYD reached an agreement to supply as many as 50 e6 EVs to Greentomatocars for a London taxi fleet. About 800 e6 EVs have been put on the road as taxis worldwide.

As for Colombia, that country is using import incentives to boost green-car use. The country has eliminated import duties on electric vehicles as a way to bring a targeted 2,200 EVs to Colombia within the next three years. Colombia has also cut import duties for hybrids and compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles to five percent from 15 percent. Read BYD’s press release below.


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