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2206kW battery car set for record run – IOL Motoring Motorsport |

It looks like it has more in common with a wingless aircraft than a motor vehicle, but this needle-nosed carbon-fibre missile on wheels is actually the Venturi VBB, the world’s most powerful electric car.

And quite soon, if Venturi boss Gildo Pallanca Pastor has his way, it will also be the word’s fastest electric car.

Now powerful, you ask? Try two electric motors with a combined output of 2206kW and 2200Nm, powered by a lithium-ion-phosphate battery made up of 2000 ‘pouch type’ cells, giving the third-generation ‘Jamais Contente’ a theoretical top speed of more than 600km/h.

The VBB-3 is a joint venture between Monaco-based Venturi Automobiles – a world leader in high-performance electric vehicles and the holder of the world land speed record for battery cars at 495km/h, set in 2010 – and Ohio State University, that began in 2009.




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