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2013 Nissan Leaf Nismo RC first drive

Nissan 360 is a unique event that brings together global media, Nissan’s global communication teams and the entire range of Nissan products. This includes current and future Nissan products from all segments of the automotive industry, passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Held at the El Toro airbase near Newport Beach, California Nissan 360 now being held for the 4th time in nearly a decade was a mix of driving experiences and presentations.

I sampled a diverse mix, from hyper performance cars to executive sedans, SUVs, electric cars and even a 40-seater bus. As you can imagine it was an immensely interesting experience.


Nissan Leaf RC

Two words. Electric performance. Together they evoke an emotion but just by themselves as two individual words electric…performance, it holds an entirely different meaning. Yet the former is a result of the latter. An electric motor has immense potential for the future of the sports car and in the discipline of racing. Electric cars need not just be about zero emissions and energy efficiencies as the Leaf Nismo RC amply demonstrated. This concept has deep roots in the solutions Nissan has been trying to provide for electric mobility.


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