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200,000, or 100x more, electric-car fast charging stations slated for 2020

Nearly 200,000 fast-charging stations for EVs are slated for use by 2020, a hefty increase from the only 1,800 produced in 2012. The number of charging stations is expected to rise to nearly 5,900 by the end of the year and triple in 2014 to 15,200. Rapid growth will continue through 2020.
Fast-charging systems could be stepping-stone for EVs

Alastair Hayfield, associate research director at IHS Automotive, mentioned that the recharging time on current EVs is holding back their success: “The length of time it takes to recharge an EV continues to be one of the major stumbling blocks inhibiting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.” “Compared to the time it takes to refuel an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle, the recharge time for EVs is incredibly slow-at about four hours to charge a 24 kilowatt-hour (kWh)-capacity battery using a 6.6 kW on-board charger. If EV auto manufacturers could overcome this obstacle, it could lead to a high rate of adoption from environmentally minded consumers as well as those seeking to cut gasoline expenses. That’s where fast charging comes in.”

A fast-charging system, which using high-voltage DC charging as opposed to the slower AC charging, can charge an EV in nearly 20 minutes. Fast-charging systems, then, could be the stepping-stone for more widespread EV adoption. Hayfield acknowledges the importance of the technology, but also something else: consumer education about the technology itself. “There will need to also be better consumer education regarding behavioral changes that may need to happen when owning an electric vehicle, such as charging overnight or at work.”

Various technologies vying for domination of the market


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