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1-hour free charge per day from the French Renault network » Automotive World

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On September 30 2013, 372 dealerships in the French Renault’s distribution network will start offering users of electric vehicles a free 1-hour charge per day, thanks to its fast-charge terminals located on the dealerships’ outdoor parking lots. The 22 kW charging terminals can charge batteries to 80% of their capacity in 1 hour.
The 875 fast-charge stations located in parking lots of 372 Renault dealerships offer EV users an alternative solution to using private stations at home or at work and are helping to develop the public charging infrastructure.
Another step taken by Renault and its network towards becoming key players in electric mobility in France.
All of the dealerships taking part in the operation and their geographical locations can be found directly on and on the community site The locations of the terminals have also been sent to operators such as Tom Tom, which will use them to create points of interest in the R-Link and Carminat navsat systems, and to the GIREVE for inclusion in the nationwide reference system.



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