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You Can Now Drive a Tesla from Vancouver to LA Without Stopping for Longer Than 30 Minutes | Motherboard

Tesla Motors just opened a new Supercharger station in Oregon last Thursday. That means it’s now possible to drive a Tesla from Vancouver, Canada on down Los Angeles without ever having to get further than a few hundred feet from the highway. And if you’re one of the few electric motorists fortunate (and wealthy) enough to own a Roadster or a Model S, you can do it for free.

Tesla drivers were already able to make an all-electric journey along the East Coast from DC to Boston, using only the charging stations installed along the way. A number of journalists have documented taking that trip, and all but one completed it with ease.

Now, the same is true on the West Coast, but the distance is much longer, and the prospective feat more impressive. Along with the charging station in Vancouver, there are two in Washington, on in Oregon, and nine in California. Tesla’s Model S sedan gets 205-265 miles per charge, making a West Coast-spanning jaunt down the length of the entire I-5 feasible. It’d be close, but since there are charging stations in Yreka, CA and reportedly in Eugene, Oregon, an emissions-free West Coast cruise is now in the cars.

Which is precisely what Tesla wants. The car company, which has seen its valuation soar in recent months—it’s worth more than Chrysler, and is considered a seriously disruptive force int he auto industry—has already dispelled the myth that electric cars are hokey hippie mobiles. Both of its models are sleek, sexy, and the recipient of fawning reviews from the automotive press.

Now, it’s seeking to do the same for the notion that electric cars aren’t compatible with long roadtrips. Tesla is rapidly building up a charging network across the country—by the end of the summer, it aims to have 27 stations up and running.



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