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While Under Threat From OEMs, ECOtality Turns Down The Output On Chargers To Avoid Failures

On Monday, ECOtality filed an 8-K with the SEC saying the company had basically run out of money and was in danger of falling into bankruptcy in the “very near future” unless a new/unknown source of capital could be found.
A Blink Residential EVSE Unit

A Blink Residential EVSE Unit

As part of the disclosure, ECOtality noted that R&D failures in their new commercial Minit Charger lineup that was expected to be out this year, will not be forthcoming as planned, saying that “…as such the product will not be introduced in 2013.”

However, more disturbing still was the news for current plug-in vehicle owners that there is an overheating/melting issue in the connector plug of 12,000 of their current EVSE units.

“Further, the Company is facing some uncertainty regarding the resolution of a phenomenon occurring in some of the Company’s previously installed EVSEs which causes overheating, and in certain rare cases melting, of the connector plug that connects the EVSE to the electric vehicle when charging.” – SEC 8-K disclosure from Monday August 12th, 2013

Adding to the problem, ECOtality is not sure what has caused it, or who will ultimately pay for the recall and/or repair:


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