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USA; Paul Scott predicts electric car tipping point in 2017 at EV Summit 2013

Speaking before a crowd of electric car owners gathering in Silicon Valley, long-time EV activist turned Nissan Leaf salesman Paul Scott talked about the big strides being made in electric vehicle adoption, and the coming tipping point.

The San Francisco Bay Area was recently named by Nissan as the top US market for the Nissan Leaf, and on Saturday the force of that area’s electric vehicle community made itself known with a large gathering, the EV Summit 2013, organized by the SF BayLeaf’s and the Silicon Valley chapter of the Electric Auto Association. Hundreds of electric vehicle owners gathered in celebration and even drew participants from far outside the SF Bay Area, including Paul Scott and Zan Dubin Scott, both long-time electric vehicle activists who helped with starting Plug-in America. Speaking before the crowd, Paul Scott, now working as a Nissan Leaf dealer, talked of the massive upswing in electric car sales and a coming “inflection point.”

The event was held on the Google campus in Mountain View, and featured food, entertainment and plenty of electric cars in the parking lot. In addition to the dozens of electric cars driven by participants, both manufacturers and car dealers came with cars to show including: Toyota RAV4 EV, Tesla Model S, Fiat 500e, Nissan Leaf, Renault Twizy, Via Motors VTRUX, Chevy Spark EV. The AAA had a contingent of people showing their mobile charging truck for electric vehicle response. The truck carries both level 2 charging, and a 20 kilowatt CHAdeMO fast charger.


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