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USA: National Plug in Day Registration

Great news,

I just checked the National Plug in Day Registration and we have most of the production EVs covered.

I saw a Honda Fit, several Tesla model S,a few Volts, more than one Leaf,a Ford C-Max and my MiEV.

We expect that local dealers will bring a Plug in Prius and the Smart EV but, I would like to see a few with their proud owners.

Please spread the word to get some EV conversion vehicles and modified plug in hybrids in the mix. Perhaps some plug in motorcycles, bicycles or scooters will also show up.

Feel free to shoot me an e-mail in you have a vehicle that requires a tow since I am trying to arrange a limited number of free tows to and from the event.

We also need to get the spectators to register as attendees.


Joe B.

Source NEEAA


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