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USA: EVConnecticut

EVConnecticut is a partnership between the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

EV Incentive Programs
EV Charging Station Incentive Programs

Learn about current state incentives (up to $2000 per charger) and federal tax credits available for facilities installing publicly accessible EV charging stations.

View a list of companies that are available to provide EV charging equipment or installation and learn more about siting and design of EV charging stations.
Workplace Charging
Workplace Charging
Do you or your employees want to extend the commuting range for an electric vehicle? Does your business support progressive, green technology and sustainability?

Uncover the benefits of installing or utilizing an electric vehicle charging station in the workplace.
Find a Charging Station
Find a Charging Station
Need to juice up? EVConnecticut’s goal is to ensure that you have a charging station within 10 minutes of wherever you are. EV charging station maps are available here.
Join the Network
Join the Network

Do you have a publicly accessible charging station that you would like to add to our map to promote your location? Join the network now!
Buying an EV
Owning an Electric Vehicle

Discover the benefits of owning an EV and take advantage of federal tax credits available to purchasers of EVs.


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