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USA: 2013 EV Rally coming soon

We are getting ready for the 2013 EV Rally on September 28 at De Anza
College. The EAASV rally web page gives the basic info, more to come soon.

A big feature of the event since the beginning has been drivers giving
EV rides to the public so they can experience the difference from a
conventional ICE vehicle.

Last year, we were fortunate to have several car dealers promoting the
new manufactured cars, like Nissan Leaf, Toyota RAV4 EV, etc with
ride/drives and it seemed that the member EV rides were not as well

A ride in a personal Tesla roadster brought the crowds but a Nissan Leaf
was not much in demand. Perhaps people were interested but we did a poor
job of attracting them or the selection of cars was too limited or
something. I don’t really know but clearly we did better in previous years.

Our thinking now is that we need to offer rides in more unusual cars to
attract interest or somehow change the venue to keep this tradition
going another year.

If you own an special conversion EV or a classic production EV or a rare
current production car and would be willing to give rides for an hour or
so during the day, please contact me.

Please let us know if you have other thoughts about how to make the
member EV rides more popular. If we are not able to get enough
interesting volunteer cars giving rides then maybe we should discontinue
this element of the show.

I appreciate everyone’s input to help make this year a better event.

Tom Sidle
President, Silicon Valley chapter
Electric Auto Association
Source EAASV


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