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UH-OH: Company Installing Electric Charges in Murfreesboro Having Problems

When you drive past an electric charging station at a shopping center in Murfreesboro you rarely see an electric vehicle. That is not a good sign for the company that installs the electric re-charge posts.

The company that installed several charging stations in Rutherford County will likely continue to maintain them for the time being — even though the firm may soon go broke.

Last week, ECOtality Inc. stated in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) it might file for bankruptcy, saying they have failed to “attain sales volumes” of the charging stations to “support the Company’s operations in the second half of 2013.” The company also said it was having problems finding financing.

In June, WGNS told listeners about the installation of the Blink Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers at four City facilities. Four electric vehicle charging stations will be installed in City Hall, two on each of the two parking garage levels; four at Sports*Com, two at Old Fort Park and two on the City’s parking lot at the corner of E. Lytle and North Spring streets.


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