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Toyota Now Offers RAV4 EV From $299/month, plus Unlimited Mileage Option

Toyota has announced a new leasing deal on the RAV4 EV in order to move the sales needle a little faster in California. To date, Toyota has sold 709 RAV4 EVs, and would like to move 2,600 by the end of next year for compliance reasons.
Ye Olde Fine Print

Ye Olde Fine Print

Starting this month, eligible buyers can lease a RAV4 EV from $299 per month with $3,999 due as a “drive off.”

Sure the down payment is a little steep in relation to other EVs on the road, but considering the all electric, 103 mile (EPA rated) SUV has a starting MSRP of $49,800 – that is a heck of a deal.
Toyota gets to the magic number of $299 by offering $15,400 worth of “lease cash” in the deal, and by finally including the full $7,500 federal rebate into the lease deal – previously it could only be fully realized by purchasing the RAV4 EV directly.


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