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Texas must lift ban on Tesla electric vehicles

Where there is progress, there is pushback. Texas demonstrated this very principle when lawmakers banned the sale of Tesla electric cars by citing a violation of dealer franchise laws. In doing so, they have effectively curbed their chances of combating global warming.

Unlike gas-operated cars, electric cars do not depend on oil. Tesla, in particular, has developed a zero emission vehicle with the charming look of a million-dollar sports car. Motor Trend named it the Car of the Year for 2013, calling it a “remarkable automobile.” Though a time existed when only celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio could afford such a beauty, the release of the Model S allowed middle-class Americans to make the switch from their quintessential Ford or Honda. It’s no wonder that the oil industry is scrambling at the sight of these vehicles.

By attacking the way in which Tesla sells their cars, Texas has found a way to halt the electric car line’s burgeoning growth. Unlike regular car companies, Tesla has eliminated the middle man. They hope to sell their cars directly to consumers, so that Tesla representatives can explain their product more thoroughly. Tesla argues that the typical car salesman is “prejudiced against electric cars,” and that this is the reason they only allow showrooms to parade their vehicles. But according to MSN, dealers feel that “the traditional franchise system benefits car buyers because it creates competition between dealerships selling similar products.”

It’s time that Texas paid more attention to the well-being of the planet than the well-being of businesses. In the name of protecting car dealerships and companies, lawmakers have fought off the electric car line, but the public cannot overlook the hidden motives.


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