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Tesla Supercharger – Supercharged!

Tesla Motors officially opened a “Supercharger station” at the Tesla Factory located in Fremont on Friday, August 16, 2013. Consistent with its other supercharge locations, Tesla Model S vehicles can stop by any day, 24 hours a day to use the facility at no cost. Tesla representatives said that this station represents another link in the expansion of Tesla’s West Coast Supercharging network which will soon form a seamless connection between Los Angeles and Vancouver.

Currently, Tesla drivers have access to 17 Supercharger stations located off major highways near cafes, shopping centers and travel plazas within the United States. The expanding network is designed to enable free long distance travel between city centers. Superchargers are substantially more powerful than any other charging technology to date providing 120 kilowatts of power and replenishing 50 percent of battery capacity in about twenty minutes.

Supercharging stations allow Tesla Model S owners to plan long distance travel with minimal interruptions. Senior Regional Sales Manager Troy Jones explained that super charging stations represent a “game changer” and solution to the “last hurdle” for electric vehicle owners. As additional super charging stations open, fear of long delays on extensive road trips will be a thing of the past. Patrick Jones of Tesla’s Communications Division said that the goal is to open 2-3 supercharging stations each week, eventually leading to a seamless network along major vehicle corridors throughout the United States and Canada.


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